Buzzard Gulch Fisheries & Campground

Buzzard Gulch Fisheries & Campground

Central Alberta Campground

About Buzzard Gulch

Buazzard Gulch is located in central Alberta Canada.

Half an hour north of Camrose and about 20 min south of Tofield at the intersection of township road 492 and range road 182.  There are signs on HWY 14 and HWY 834.

The ponds that make up Buzzard Gulch and the adjacent Black Nugget Campground are part of a reclamation project started in the 1950s. Black Nugget pond located near Round Hill was created by the Dodds Coal Mine. The entire pond has a surface area of approximately 7.3 ha and a maximum water depth of 5.4 m. It was first formed by a series of abandoned mine pits which create irregular ponds.

The pond was first examined in 1957 for sport fishing potential ans was stocked with trout later that year.

Dodds Coal Mine
When a family named Dodds opened their mine in the early 1900s it was only one of many of small mining operations in the area. In 1955 James Norby bought the mine. Dodds Coal Mine is the only family owned coal mine in western Canada.

Current Owners of Buzzard Gulch
The current owners of Buzzard Gulch have had a vision for sometime now. They purchased the property with the idea of a fish farm. Ron has stories that will make you laugh about trucking trout fingerlings and getting them in the water. From the fish farm and Ron and Mary’s love of people began another dream. A small number of campsites distributed around the ponds was the start. Friends and family filled those spots and became fixtures. As time has passed, places for those who desire the true camping experience has decreased. The dream has grown to the creation of several hundred recreational lots that are leased on an annual basis. Although the community continues to grow it is still a place for family and friends to meet.

As the old saying goes “Build it and they will come”.